NOTE: I won’t B on tumblr 4 a while guys butt kno dat I <3 U ///  I need 2 keep growing up in the real world & stop cybering. I want shine & need shine 2 fill this void. I will always remember tumblr & it’s people 4 pushing me & my ideas when I’m on my throne. I wanna thank this absence 2 all the copy cats & jocks. I puke 2 much originality into this endless space & hardly get credit 4 it.


24 year old hoodlum from LA & 2 fresh it’s disgusting //// lofi boy wit a worrible aesthetic /// 35mm all day & shitty cameras 4 LYF . Raised by a single neurotic mother who was addicted 2 fashion, drugs & her kids. My work is a product of my surroundings & my surroundings R pretty shitty. I’m inspired by the real, the gross , the ugly & the less fortunate. I like exploiting people that R 2 into themselves. I’m a misfit that’s always on the prowl & never closes his eyes. I was never a freak or a geek but I envied both. I’m the boy that was always lookin outside in & I hope my work is a testament to the vomitory I produce. My future is hazy which is why I live day by day. I don’t have time 2 make work that’s not fly. 


:) :( :)

C my whereabouts on Instagram @ prettypukefool


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